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What is Baptism/Lord's Supper/Church Membership?

Baptism is the first step of showing the world you follow Christ in your life. Baptism doesn't save you. There is nothing magical about being baptized. However, it is important. It tells the world that you are different. It says that you are living your life according to how Jesus wants you to live your life. In the Baptist church, we baptize by immersion. We use a baptistery (think giant tub), and cover you with water from head-to-toe. We believe that this is how baptism occurred in Jesus' day. If you have become a Christian, but haven't been baptized, email Pastor Josh Breslaw at with any questions and to discuss when you can be baptized .

Lord's Supper
The Lord's Supper (maybe you have heard of it as Communion or the Eucharist) is a special opportunity to remember what Jesus did for us by sacrificing his life, so all of us can have a relationship with God. We believe that there is nothing that happens to the bread and grape juice when we take the Lord's Supper. The Lord's Supper is based on the Passover meal, the Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples before he was arrested and killed. At College Heights, we take the Lord's Supper about six times a year. Some churches take it more frequently, others take it less. We have found that this frequency helps us best remember and reflect on what Christ did for us. 

How do I become a Church Member? What is a Church Member?
Church membership at CHBC means belonging to the community of College Heights Baptist Church (for better and for worse). Church membership is a commitment to this group of Christians and it is commitment from this group of Christians. We will commit to you to help you grow as a follower of Christ. You will commit to serving God and others with us.

To become a Church Member, you must become a Christian. That's not excluding anyone, for sure. Everyone can become a Christian.
Click here if you want to learn more about being a Christian. Our church is united around the cause of Christ, so it follows that every member of the community must be focused on Christ. If you are a Christian, you can join our church. The way many people become a church member is going to talk with Pastor Josh during the Invitation time in the Morning Worship Service. If that scares you, no worries. You can talk to or contact Josh in another way to let him know that you want to be a member of the church. You can fill out a guest card on Sunday, call him at the church office (817-645-6621), email him (, Facebook message him (@chbccleburne), send a carrier pigeon, etc. 

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