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How do I become a Christian?
We are so glad you are interested in being a Christian. Being a Christian means following Christ as your Lord. That's a really fancy word for boss, coach, master, father. The Bible uses lots of words to help us understand that being a Christian means living with Jesus in charge of your life. So, how do you become a Christian?

First, you acknowledge that you have made mistakes in your life. These mistakes separate us from God. The Bible calls these mistakes sin. Sin has been a problem for humans since the beginning of humanity. You are not alone. Everybody has made mistakes, even the "best" people. However, God is perfect, so sin blocks us from a relationship with God.

God knew that humans needed help, so he sent his son Jesus to live on this earth. Jesus lived and was perfect throughout his life. However, he was killed on the cross. This was ultimately God's plan to save the world. Jesus' sacrfice and then his resurrection gives all of us a chance to have a relationship with God.

That's what being a Christian is. It is having a relationship with God. The only way to have this relationship is through Jesus Christ. If we accept him as the one who can save us and the one who is in charge of our life, then we belong to Jesus, we have a relationship with God, we become a Christian!

To become a Christian, we pray. We pray to God saying something like this:

     "God, I sorry for the mistakes I have made in my life. Please save me from them. Please control my life from now on.
      Thank you for sending Jesus to die, so that I might live. Amen."

If you pray this prayer and mean it in your heart, the Bible says you become a Christ-follower, a Christian! It's not about a magic formula or saying the right words, it's about what you mean in your heart. 

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