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Why the name College Heights?


College Heights Baptist Church began as a mission project of the four Baptist churches in Cleburne, Texas. In 1953, Rev. Lester Grubbs was called to lead in the organization of this mission. On October 4, 1953, the church was officially organized with 69 charter members. The first building, at the corner of Grand Ave. and Phillips St., was soon completed, and services were held in it on May 16, 1954. One hundred nineteen people were present for that first service.

This area of town by Cooke Elementary School used to be known as College Heights. The open field across from the church once was going to have the local community college built upon it. The college ended up being built outside of town and the name, College Heights, slowly stopped being used for this section of Cleburne. We proudly continue using that name, as part of the history of the development of this part of Cleburne.

By 1960, CHBC had outgrown its facilities and a second building was constructed, which is the worship center today. In 1968, College Heights again had to construct a new building, this time for education space. In the years since, many people have called CHBC home. Pastors and church members alike have come and gone, but a community of believers known as College Heights Baptist Church has continued to be. 

We have been serving in this corner of the city and beyond for 65 years and look forward to serving until the whole world hears and Jesus returns. 

College Heights Baptist Church Cleburne

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